It’s a Pony Party in Ponsonby! 29th September…

SWORD FIGHTS…vikings, norse gods, siblings rivalry and the worlds most amazing horses. It’s all there in my new book set in Iceland, The Fire Stallion. Here’s an early glimpse of the new cover – OUT ON OCTOBER 1st!


And here she is….my new favourite pony in the whole world. I hope you’ll love her too…out on October 1st in New Zealand

August 1st: Happy Birthday to all the Horses in the World

And a special happy birthday to one adorable, naughty little pony that you’ll be meeting very soon….


Come and meet Stacy on September 2nd!


Stacy will be signing her new book The Fire Stallion at HOYS 2018!

Come and meet Stacy and get your personalised copy of her new book – and all your favourite Stacy Gregg books on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th of October at the Birmingham NEC on the Equestrian Bookfair Stall. Session Times coming soon….


And the winners are…Australia!

“It was such an amazing grand final this year – such incredible teams fighting to the wire at St Kentigerns College in Auckland. I met with the teams from around the world to do a writing workshop the day before – they were amazing! So much fun! And the celebration dinner with a Lord of the Rings theme was a chance to meet again and sign books. One of my all-time favourite events!” See Stacy’s blog for details…


Thanks to everyone in New Zealand who came along on May 16th!

So much fun to talk to everyone and thanks for staying back to get your books signed. It was a long journey to the Aotea Centre for the kids from year 7&8 at Katikati College!

The Thunderbolt Pony is Out NOW!

When a devastating earthquake hits Evie’s hometown of Parnassus on New Zealand’s South Island, she and the rest of the town are forced to evacuate. Evie’s injured mum is one of the first to be rescued by helicopter and Evie will be next. But when realises that she will be forced to leave her beloved pony, Gus, her dog, Jock, and her cat Moxy behind, she is determined to find another way. Before the rescue helicopter returns, Evie flees with Gus, Jock and Moxy in a race against time across difficult terrain to reach the port of Kaikoura, where she has heard that people will be evacuated by ship in three days’ time. Surely there will be space for her, Gus, Jock and Moxy there?

But the journey is harder than Evie could ever have imagined and the earthquakes are still coming…