Mystic TV


Meet the Characters


played by Macey Chipping

London teen Issie Brown finds new purpose when she connects with an injured lost horse in her new home in rural New Zealand. Though her recklessness and determination frequently get her into trouble with others, Issie’s sense of what is right ultimately earns the respect of all as she needs to save not just her horse but her beautiful new environment.


played by Laura Patch

Widowed lawyer Amanda hopes that Kauri Point will be a fresh start for her and Issie and give them the chance to rebuild their fractured relationship. But living with her mother again proves quite the challenge and moving on isn’t quite as straightforward as Amanda hoped it would be.


played by Catherine Downes

Mitch is eccentric, mischievous and fun and loves the fact that her daughter and granddaughter have moved in with her. A seasoned protester, Mitch is passionate about the environment and is furious with Sam for selling up to multi-national company Hexronn.


played by Kirk Torrance

Grumpy, taciturn Tom owns and runs the Kauri Point stables. He loves horses and hates small talk. Though frequently frustrated by the kids’ antics, he can’t help but be fond of them – especially Dan and Issie.


played by Antonia Robinson

Rich and slightly entitled, Natasha lives with her father, Sam, strives to be a better rider than Caroline and fancies Dan. Although she sometimes seems like a typical mean girl, Natasha’s fiercely loyal to the Kauri Point stables and her friends there.


played by Max Crean

With big ambitions to be a vet, Dan’s hoping to apply for a prestigious internship in Sydney and works part time at the stables to fund it. His mum, Miriama, runs the general store but his father, Jake, has always struggled to hold down a job and is often scathing about his son’s lofty ambitions.


played by Jacqueline Joe

Caleb’s twin sister. Completely fearless, Caroline’s the best rider at the Kauri Point stables. A fantasist who never lets the truth get in the way of a good story, Caroline’s motto is ‘fake it till you make it’.


played by Joshua Tan

Caroline’s twin brother. Caleb is uptight, bright, a data head, sarcastic and secretly gay. Issie’s supernatural experiences perplex Caleb – surely there’s some kind of scientific explanation for what’s going on?


played by Harriet Walton

The youngest of the group, Stella grew up on a farm and has always been overshadowed by her brothers, especially rugby star Hamish. Stella’s a dedicated gamer and great with technology. She’s deaf and wears a cochlear implant.

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