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Two girls divided by time, united by their love for some very special horses – an epic Caribbean adventure!

On a remote tropical island, twelve year-old Beatriz is about to embark on an epic journey, through hurricanes and across the high seas and back to the time of Christopher Columbus…When Beatriz stumbles across a wild mare with strange markings in the jungle she can’t believe it is real. Yet from that moment on the strongest connection grows between them, and she begins to uncover an incredible history. For centuries ago, Felipa and her horse, Cara Blanca, were running for their lives.As the fates of Beatriz, Felipa and their horses become entwined, Beatriz realises that the future of the world’s rarest horses depends on her.Based on the extraordinary true story of the Abaco Barb, a real-life mystery that has remained unsolved for over five hundred years.

The epic modern-day Arabian adventure based on the real true-life story.

Princess Haya, daughter of the King of Jordan, loves her family more than anything. So when tragedy strikes at its heart, she is devastated. The Princess becomes ever more withdrawn until, on her birthday, the King gives her a life-changing present. Entrusted with the care of a very special foal, an incredible bond grows and the heartbroken princess begins to dream of an extraordinary future…

C h a p t e r 1

The Snow Palace of Count Orlov
Three years earlier…
Anna ran through the palace corridors, her breath coming in quick, painful gasps, her heart pounding. Behind her, the rumbling growl of the wolfhound became more menacing as he grew nearer, closing in on her with every stride.
“Niet! Please! Stop!”
The marble floors were slippery beneath her feet and as she rounded the corner by the grand ballroom, Anna found herself sliding out of control…

Poland 1945


The Master of Horses

Zofia edged her way down the ladder in total darkness, feeling her way with bare feet from step to step. She had considered turning on the lights but dismissed the notion as too dangerous. For all she knew, The Colonel was sitting at his desk right now, staring out across the courtyard. From there he would see the lights glowing in the stable block and know that she was on the move…

C h a p t e r 1
Going Once, Going Twice . . .

The crowd gathered in the golden chamber of the famous Paris auction house had come tonight with their wallets bulging. Elegant ladies in sparkling evening gowns sat on high-backed gilt salon chairs, clutching bidding paddles in their manicured hands, while their well-dressed husbands sat beside them looking nervous at the amount of money they were about to spend. Already tonight a small fortune had gone under the hammer…

The Contrada of the Wolf

It was almost midnight when I turned down the steep cobbled streets into the Via di Vallerozzi.

I walked alone except for my shadow, a black companion in the lamplight.

At the entrance to the Contrada of the Wolf I raised my eyes to the bell tower and felt the knot in my belly tighten. I stepped up to the door and knocked, rapping four times then four again. Then I waited, counting my heartbeats. I was about to try once more when I heard footsteps and then the creak of ancient hinges as the heavy oak door opened…

Ch a p t e r 1

Eternal Dawn

When I was little, I was terrified of the dark. I was totally convinced that night-time brought the monsters to life.

I never thought that one day I would miss it. That I would be here now, lying in bed wide awake at midnight, longing for the peaceful inky blackness of a true night sky.


The Bringer on the top of Mount Parnassus, in the grand temple where the gods hang out, I am struggling to load my thunderbolts into the two

white sacks strapped on to Gus’s back.

“Stand still!” I use a firm tone with my pony as he fidgets. “This is hard enough without you messing about.” The thunderbolts have these sharp, pointy edges that make them almost impossible to stuff into the sack and I’m trying not to jab Gus in the flank, but I’m in a desperate hurry. The white fluffy clouds beneath my feet are trembling. The whole mountain is shaking from the bottom up. There isn’t much time – we need to get out of here.

Pony Club Rivals

Pony Club Secrets

Special Christmas Edition

Issie had always wanted her very own pony, and perhaps this Christmas her wish would come true…
In this gorgeous Christmas special, Issie tells the story of how she first met Mystic – and how a little magic helped Issie and her perfect pony to stay together for ever.

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