Aug 112015

As you all know, I am on the big book tour at the moment and have been in Wellington, Blenheim and Nelson and am now back in Wellington again. Lots of photos to come so keep an eye on my blog. All I could think about yesterday though as I was touring was Andrew Nicholson – who fell at the final fence at Gatcombe on the weekend. He was leading after winning the dressage and was going clear cross country as usual until he fell at the final fence when his horse tripped. The news reports told us nothing at first other than he had a serious neck injury and was in hospital and everyone has been so worried. Such a relief to wake up today and read reports that he has had successful neck surgery and has “a full range of movement”. Get well soon Andrew! Everyone is thinking of you and we hope you are back out there on the cross country in winning form in no time….

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