Jan 302014

I know, I know I have NOT BEEN BLOGGING ENOUGH! Part of the reason for this is that I am having too much fun. The girl in this picture is my daughter on the cross country course and on her way to a clear round at the Coatesville One Day Event where she finished fifth overall. This is her first season on her new pony, the talented Miss Maddison and they have been brilliant together. Last night they rode a great test at the three-day dressage series at Henderson Valley and took home the reserve champion rosette. Miss Maddison – or Maddy as she is known at home – is a typical mare. Geldings are easy to win over – they are happy to settle in with their new owners, but mares take time to bond and I think it took Maddy a few months before she started to like us and begin whinnying to us in the paddock and giving us kisses and hugs when we groomed her. She is a total foodie and her favourite treats are hot chips and apricots (she makes a really cute nickering noise when she begs for snacks while we are eating lunch).

This month we have been to seven competitions – so we have been pretty busy. Incredibly I have also found enough time to write a new book!! I amd still doing the rewrites on it at the moment – it is due out in September this year. The title is The Island of Lost Horses. Again, like The Princess and the Foal, it is based on a true story – and it is a HUGE adventure. I know you’re going to love it! I will tell you more soon…


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