Nov 192014

Talk about making an impact! There was a 6.3 earthquake while I gave my talk on Monday at Gisborne’s Te Wharau school! The classroom wobbled and undulated for a bit but the kids didn’t seem to mind so I kept talking! I also visited Central School and Te Hapara and somehow managed to find the time to visit my old friends Vicki, Rosie and Sarah and their horses. That’s me in the pic with Ziggy the chestnut, Rosie and her pony Ernie. Ernie and Rosie have a lovely bond – he is a very cheeky but talented boy and reminded me so much of Comet (from Comet and the Champions Cup – a book that is actually set in Gisborne). From Gisborne I travelled on to Paraparaumu  and talked to the kids at Paraparaumu Beach School. I’ve left lots of signed copies of the book behind at PaperPlus Paraparaumu – and also PaperPlus in Gisborne and in Feilding at Paperplus too – so if you missed out on your copy then you know where to find them!

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